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Microsoft Certified Professional
Authority: Microsoft


Georgia Southern University
Information Systems / Computer Science




Working directly with Microsoft's Front-desk, I bring a large and up to date skill set to tackle any issue.
I have built out close to 60 Flows. These flows have been built for Microsoft teams and for other companies in the Seattle area. They range from POC, to approvals, to handling any and all SharePoint concerns. 
Before flow, I worked on building workflows for over 8 years.

The typical build time for a Flow depends on how much documentation is available.
Having a visio diagram, will drastically reduce time.
If you do not have a flow chart built before hand, I will build you one to insure that we are on the same page with your request.

I have worked directly with the developers who created the Best Practices for PowerApps as well as developed a large portion of the sample apps. Within my career, I am constantly rebuilding InfoPath forms into PowerApps for purposes ranging from HR to Real Estate to Technology to Finance. 

The typical time to build an InfoPath into PowerApps is
2-4 hours + 10 minutes per Field.
Additional time may be needed for unusual complexities.

Having worked with SharePoint 2007 - SharePoint Modern, I can provide support in any and all faucets of the application. My skills range from back end dev to front end technical support. I have built 9 SPFx applications including Calendars, Reports, Badge applications, and Agendas. 
I can also provide thorough explanations of how to build out a Modern site as I have done so within Microsoft for the last 2 years.

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I will Rebuild a SharePoint Workflow in FLOW I will Rebuild a SharePoint Workflow in FLOW
I will Rebuild a SharePoint Workflow in FLOW
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