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What exactly is MicroJobs?

MicroJobs is a dedicated, freelancer marketplace for Microsoft professionals.

What problems & challenges are we solving?
  • It's hard to find Microsoft skills. The demand for current Microsoft skills is on the increase. We've made it simple to find an expert within a few minutes.
  • Keeping up with Microsoft is hard! As Microsoft are focused on the Cloud they can now release daily (not every 4-years). This is great for end-users! They get new features, fast. It's bad for the IT Team because they can't keep retraining staff.
  • Hiring takes 43 days. On average it takes 43 days to get a new person through your door. If you just need someone for a few days, then MicroJobs is perfect.

Getting help from a Microsoft Freelancer takes

a couple of minutes and follows these steps:

1. Post

Click the button on this page or from the MicroJobs menu to 'Post a Request'. Describe the help you need as clearly as possible giving expected delivery timescales and your budget range.

2. Monitor

Freelancers will message you to understand your Request and make offers to fulfill your need. Ensure you are clear and all details are correct in order to get a quality service.

3. Agree and Buy

Once an offer has been made that you are happy with, simply accept the offer and pay. Your money will be held securely until the freelancer has delivered the agreed work.

4. Approve

Once you are happy with the service performed, you can mark the transaction complete, and we'll make sure that the freelancer gets paid. Help the community by leaving feedback for them.

A platform built to help you find the right person

when you need them the most!

Quality of Freelancers

Every Freelancer is manually checked and approved as having appropriate experience before being able to post MicroJobs.

Delivery Assurance

Stripe holds your money securely and the Freelancer won't get paid until the work is done.

We only speak "Microsoft"

The whole platform is geared towards Microsoft services so you will feel at home with the terminology.

​User Ratings and Reviews

Just like Amazon, if you want to see how others rated and reviewed the Freelancer we have it built in.

Notification System

The buyer can remain in constant contact with the Freelancer via our messaging system.

Power Search

Find the perfect MicroJob (or Freelancer) using the platforms search capability.

A payment flow built to be simple and secure that gives both buyer and freelancer 100% confidence.

Paying someone you've never met may feel complicated and risky.

We've made it simple and safe.

How the process works..
  1. 1
    Buyer purchases a Freelancers service and money is paid into the Freelancers Stripe Connect account. This money is "locked" until the work is complete.
  2. 2
    Stripe notifies the MicroJobs platform to create a job order between buyer and freelancer.
  3. 3
    Freelancer is notified that the order is live and the money has been paid.
  4. 4
    The Freelancer begins working on your project and stays in regular contact with the buyer.
  5. 5
    Once completed, both parties agree that the work is satisfactory and delivered.
  6. 6
    The Freelancers money is unlocked and they can draw down the funds.

Using MicroJobs to manage the payment process stops the worrying and sleepless nights.

If you hire an expert directly, you run the risk of losing your money even if the work isn't completed. We built a payment process that protects both parties so you can spend time on what really matters - your project!

No Hidden Fees

When you pay for the services of a MicroJobs Freelancer you pay no fees. If the Freelancer charges $100 that's what you pay.

We support 21 countries

Our platform currently serves 21 countries including USA, Canada, most of Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Vetted Freelancers

Every Freelancer is manually checked and approved as having appropriate experience before being able to post MicroJobs.

An Escrow-like payment

If you decide to pay the Freelancer directly, you will need to decide how and when to pay them. With MicroJobs, the money is held securely in Stripe until both parties are happy.

Dispute Management

Although it's unlikely, sometimes disputes can arise. Our platform gives you the ability to cancel, refund or agree partial refunds if you're not satisfied.

Managed With Stripe

All payment transactions are managed using Stripe. We hold no money. This means your money is backed by a financial services provider that manages billions of transactions every year.

We love to thrill our customers with our expert

Microsoft Freelancers from around the globe.

Read the reviews some of our Freelancers have received

I enjoyed working with SandyU! I described my use case when I submitted my request for support. She built out a Flow for me and walked me through it during our online session. She also provided me with screenshots of the Flow, locations of additional resources,
and additional information about Flow.



Matt is excellent. We hired him to review a business process that we needed to have automated. We didn't have a lot of time to make detailed specifications. Matt met directly with our end users, gathered the needed requirements, and produced a working
application in Power Apps. 



He did a wonderful job!! He asked me questions beforehand so that he could tailor my training to meet my needs, and software version I had. His experience shined through, it was obvious he knew his stuff. He followed up afterward like he promised. Would highly recommend.



Isn't MicroJobs just a recruitment agency? No

What exactly is the difference between MicroJobs and a recruitment agency?


  • Allows you to find global, Microsoft experts fast from a huge resource pool
  • The work is carried out 100% remotely from their own office location 
  • Short-term focused work packages usually from 30 mins to 30 days
  • Freelancers are reviewed by customers after completion of work
  • Money is paid up front, per task, held securely, and released on completion
  • Worker is selected on experience, reviews, conversations and their skills for your specific task


Recruitment Agency

  • Agencies are limited to a small resource pool given the regional nature of roles
  • Workers are employed on site requiring desk space and commute time
  • Longer term engagements requiring a formal hiring process
  • References come from the applicants chosen sources from previous roles
  • Money is paid on a scheduled or salary basis regardless of output
  • Worker is selected based on their current skills and will require training to stay up to date or meet changing needs


At first glance, you may think that MicroJobs is a recruitment agency, or even a traditional "Jobs Board". MicroJobs was built to serve the need for those working on hundreds or thousands of Microsoft projects around the world. Sometimes you might need a 15-minute call, 1 day 1-on-1 training or even a mentor. Although we do have many MicroJobs to that will develop a solution, our core focus remains committed to short-term engagements on Microsoft projects.

Questions we always get asked

What is a MicroJob?

A MicroJob is a discrete package of work that can be offered by Freelancers on the Collab365 MicroJobs site. Usually delivered within a few hours or up to a few days and at a cost of between $75 and $5000.

What is a Project Request?

Project Requests provide a way for customers to Request something specific to their need, this could be anything from a 30 minute call to Full Solution. Requests can then be seen by Freelancers, who can respond with details and a price for the buyer to agree on and take forward.

What if I want to work with a particular Freelancer?

If you want to work with a Freelancer of your choosing then this is easy. Navigate to their profile and message them with your needs. They will then send you a custom offer for the work to be done. 

How can I buy a MicroJob?

At the top right of every MicroJob screen is a ‘BUY NOW FOR…’ button with a drop down menu for you to select your options and extras associated with the MicroJob to give you the price. On clicking this you will be taken to a payment screen in order to make the payment for the work using a credit card.

What if I am unhappy with the Freelancer?

Although this is unlikely to happen, we do have a robust disputes procedure in-place. During the work you can login to your job conversation screen and click raise dispute. We can then suggest a resolution which can lead to a full-refund, partial refund or even an outcome that still gets the work completed.

What kind of things can I request?

For this the world is your oyster. As long as it's a Microsoft-related project and suitable for MicroJobs, we will approve it. We also look at all incoming requests and make suggestions to improve their chance of success. Suggestions maybe around scope, budget, requirements, etc.

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