I will run your SharePoint farm / tenant and build out content for a month

Microsoft Office 365 / Microsoft SharePoint
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People want information at their fingertips so they can focus on important work. Sadly they instead spend too much time in meetings, on email or looking for stuff. I believe people want to spend their time on creative work. 

Dollar for dollar, this platform can provide that better than anything out there. If you know how to engage it. Digital Transformation isn't just for billion dollar conglomerates. 

My specialty now revolves around building managed services for the Office 365 platform. The wide array of features and services requires a broad and in-depth knowledge base to implement effectively. 

I am a SharePoint architect/admin/developer. I have been working with the platform since 2003. I have built custom applications, run major installations for 80,000 + users, published books and conducted training all over the country. To quote Spicoli. I can fix it. I have an ultimate set of tools. 

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Job Description

Your SharePoint farm or Office 365 tenant needs three things to run well and be useful. You need to MONITOR it. You need GOVERNANCE to maintain data quality and security. You need quality CONTENT that is useful to your end users. This service is intended for smaller organizations who are usually devoting an IT resource part-time to this work. I have been working with the product for 15 years. I have skills in both administration and development. Acting as basically a 1/4 FTE, I will make all of your SharePoint dreams come true. Here is what I will provide on a monthly basis:


Up to 5 monitoring reports. The nature of these reports will differ for on-premises farms vs. online tenants. We will work out the reports you most need, but some examples include:

  1. Daily monitoring of server health for key indicators such as CPUP%, Memory, disk space and performance, etc. (on-premises farm)
  2. Usage and Adoption statistics. Monthly report to show how many people are taking advantage of the services and which services are the most used. (online)
  3. Help Desk: I can implement my own or use your ticketing system to help monitor trouble tickets and ensure timely resolution to end-user issues.


Governance helps you make sure your farm has quality, secure data. It also ensures people know how to use the platform properly so they get the most value. My governance program involves 3 pillars:

  1. Security monitoring. I will run a weekly report that will ensure your policies around access to content are being followed. This active governance allows you to give user's more freedom to use the platform without oppressive IT lockdowns but without sacrificing peace of mind.
  2. Training: I will offer up to 2 hours of training each week for your staff on any component of the portal operation. Want to implement Teams or some new feature you have been hearing about? I will conduct training sessions for your staff to ensure you get maximum value from the platform.
  3. Quality content: I will enable a content archival and search strategy for each new site collection built. This will ensure the content is both preserved and timely. Too many SharePoint farms become data junkyards over time. This will usually require additional time upfront (included in service), followed by around 4 hours of work for each new site collection.


The lifeblood of a SharePoint portal is useful content. Team sites, portals, community sites, BI reports, etc. As part of the service, you will receive 32 hours a month of time spent building out content THE RIGHT WAY to meet your user's needs. This content can be nearly anything. New team sites, Power BI reports, Custom JavaScript, Site design, etc. In the case of more complicated scenarios that require substantial amounts of time (such as larger custom development work), we can work out arrangements for separate projects. However, most day to day content needs can be easily met within the service window. For each piece of content required, I will provide the number of hours required to complete so that you will have a full accounting of work performed on the monthly report. (see below) This portion of the service is meant to be open-ended so that you are able to send any task my way and its completion will be covered in the contract. In addition, I will proactively suggest improvements that will help ensure that your portal is constantly improving with value-added features.


I will provide a monthly summary report detailing exactly what services were provided so that you have absolute transparency as to the value you are receiving as part of the service.

So, I watch your farm to make sure its working and the users are happy. I will make sure your content is secure, relevant and your user base trained. I build out all the stuff you need to have a useful portal your employees will love. And you get an expert resource with no long term commitment. The contract is month to month.

Please contact me prior to purchase (using the button on this page) and let's discuss if you have any questions.