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Today I am a SharePoint/Office 365 Expert and Evangelist who has worked from New York to LA, for clients both large and small. My base of experience is wide: over the last 10 years I have been titled Architect, Admin, Developer, Designer and Coach.  I currently serve as the Global Admin for a multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporation, performing all aspects of Office 365 and SharePoint management while specializing in migrations. But my favorite part of the job is working one on one with users - brainsharing, creating, and troubleshooting. 

Prior to this I was in Hospitality, managing multiple restaurants, bars and nightclubs.  I was also an Accountant, a Property Manager, a Photographer, and an Artist (sometimes concurrently.) I evolved into a consultant when I started my own web hosting company in order to foster my dual artistic and technological passions. I provided web hosting and site design assistance to many small businesses - before ultimately transitioning into a SharePoint services supplier and Microsoft. Gold Partner.

The common denominator over the years is my love for people.  I enjoy mentoring and I want to help.  In Hospitality we had a saying: "The answer is, 'Yes.' What's the question?"  and I feel like that about life.  There is always a way to make things work.
I look forward to meeting you!

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Job Description

This job targets anyone who wants to engage colleagues and/or clients with a beautiful and performing site. The tools built into Modern SharePoint are powerful and they expand every day. As fast as the cloud landscape is changing, it helps to have someone who can streamline the learning process. I will show you tips and tricks of page layout and web part configuration and we can work together to build a real page that is functional - and maybe even a little fun. Or, if you prefer to keep the training general, we can walk through some of the best tools and discuss options hypothetically.

At the end of the session you will have an overview of how to layout a Modern SharePoint page and have something which you can be proud of to show for it.  Your co-workers will be impressed.

The scope is for 2 hours but more time can be purchased.

As part of the package, I will provide a summary of our session and give you access to my personal Office 365 demo tenant.  I will also be available for email follow ups.

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