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Ant is Founder & CEO of Soulsailor Consulting Ltd, a micro-consultancy enabling organisational value by positively disrupting your technology projects.

He is the author of 'The SharePoint Governance Manifesto', currently writing 'The  Microsoft Office 365 Governance Manifesto' and one of a new breed of SharePoint and Office 365 business technology consultants.

Ant spends his time consulting, writing and speaking on a range of topics including SharePoint, Office365, Vision and Strategy, Requirements Facilitation, Governance, Change Management and User Adoption.

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Job Description


Grab a cup of tea, coffee or whatever you fancy and let’s have a quick 30-minute expert call and perhaps we can:

  • Solve the issues that are preventing you from making the progress you want
  • Give you guidance to help you achieve your goals
  • Impart knowledge so that you can improve your skills and deliver
  • Train you on a specific quick-win topic
  • Give you ideas on what to do next.

I am a positively disruptive Office 365 business consultant focused on all aspects of delivering business value through digital workplace solutions. I have significant experience delivering change and adoption, governance and compliance services within Office 365 across a range of sectors and organisations from SMB's to global corporates.

My focus on the Microsoft Office 365 platform has always been from a business perspective, so if you need someone to talk to without all the acronyms and technical jargon then I’m the one you need to talk to.

Office 365 is ever changing, and it is difficult for organisations like yours to stay on top of all the great features, business value opportunities and the best way to deliver solutions into your organisation.

Occasionally you need an expert or even a team of experts to deliver your solutions or solve your problems, but a lot of the time all you need to make progress and solve your issues is:

  • Someone to talk to for a quick chat
  • A different opinion
  • Someone to challenge your status quo
  • Someone to listen to your ideas
  • An expert to guide you through your next steps
  • Some mentoring

...and that is what these expert calls are perfect for.

You may have some reservations about booking an expert call with me, you may be thinking:

  • Does he know what he’s talking about?
  • Can I trust his opinion and guidance?
  • Will he be able to solve my problem?
  • Will I waste or lose my money?

That’s fine, I doubt myself sometimes, but to hopefully calm your nerves here’s some more about me and the MicroJobs platform:

  • I’m not a Microsoft MVP (and that’s a good thing)
  • I speak my mind based on my years of experience in consulting, strategy and freelancing
  • Sometimes Microsoft is wrong, sometimes Office 365 can’t solve your problem, I’ll tell you when this is the case
  • I want to cut through the marketing and get you the truth
  • I’ve spoken at many community conferences, SharePoint Saturday events, webinars and of course the Collab365 Virtual SP24 event
  • The MicroJobs platform holds the money until we’ve completed the call and you’ve marked it as “complete”, so if you’re not happy that you got value then you don’t pay.

What is the Expert Call and how does it work? 

Throughout my consulting experience I have encountered many business and technical challenges surrounding the Office 365 platform and how to deliver value for people and organisations just like you.

In a single 30-minute Expert Call, I can help you with Adoption and Change Management topics such as:

  • How to improve end-user adoption for MS Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint Online
  • How to develop an Office 365 Vision
  • How to influence your managers or the executives in your organisation
  • How to build and sustain a Champions network
  • How to answer or resolve your specific adoption issues.

This MicroJob is for a 30-minute call with me. If you think you need extra time you can easily add “Extras” to the order when you purchase. If we find we need more time during the 30-minute call I can also add a Custom Extra to the order for more time or further help if we need to.

On Purchasing this MicroJob, you will be asked to download a form from the order screen and fill it in and return the form in the messaging as a File attachment. I will need this form to prepare for the call and so that we can arrange and agree on a suitable time and channel to hold the meeting. The more information you put in the form the better prepared I will be to deliver your needs and help you on the call

Next steps? 

The best approach is to contact me before purchasing. Let me know the challenge you are trying to overcome, and I might be able to help right there and then. If I feel that the subject is outside of my skill set, I will let you know straight away and if I can I’ll direct you to one of the other Collab365 experts that might be able to help you.

How does that sound?  If a 30-minute call could help, contact me.

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