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I've been an IT professional for around 20 years now and have lived through various different incarnations - starting as a developer, moving to a team lead, into project leadership with Waterfall techniques, out the other side and into problem management, agile coaching and finally into my 'real' skin as a Scrum Master. 

Having learned the basics of being a Scrum master about 5 years ago, I've now passed through the CSM with Scrum Alliance and more recently, PSM I and PSM II with Scrum.org

Alongside my training, I've added the right amount of seasoning in the real world and now I'm ready to share that experience to help organisations and teams make the right choices

Its fair to say Im passionate about Scrum and want to see it done well i.e. "professionally". Seeing teams just 'do' Scrum is a waste because I know so much opportunity is being missed.

Want to read more my approach ? Check out my blog here https://in2asprint.com/

As well as being passionate about Scrum, I often write blogs to support topics Im passionate about.  I also create video content and love sharing the shortcuts I use all the time.

I've worked with MS office tools for years and use them day-in-day out to help me capture data, visualize information or just provide support to a message I want to share. 

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In Scrum, we talk a lot about 'Value'. Product Owners are asked to focus on the most valuable Product Backlog items next. Scrum Masters coach the PO to help them ensure their Product Backlog items are prioritised in terms of Value.

In some organisations, Value is obvious. It can boil down to the ROI for a given piece of functionality or change. In others, however, the calculation is far more complex.

  • What if your organisation isn't about selling goods and services but is instead about providing a service people receive for free?
  • What if all your options seem to provide a great user experience and will make your business similar amounts of return if you implement them ?.
  • What if you are supporting a well-established Product and have to decide what to do next - and on the face of it, all the options are equally useful to the end user?

Making the right decisions can not only make or break a Product owners career but they can make or break businesses and products.

In this coaching session, I'll share an in-depth technique that has been proven to work in a large and complex organisation - by Product owners. The framework is equally easy to use and useful for SME's and Support businesses alike.

I'll make sure you understand how 'value' can be constructed and provide you with a template to help you measure it. You'll then be able to use it alongside your existing product backlog items to start to make much more transparent and well-informed decisions.

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