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I've been an IT professional for around 20 years now and have lived through various different incarnations - starting as a developer, moving to a team lead, into project leadership with Waterfall techniques, out the other side and into problem management, agile coaching and finally into my 'real' skin as a Scrum Master. 

Having learned the basics of being a Scrum master about 5 years ago, I've now passed through the CSM with Scrum Alliance and more recently, PSM I and PSM II with Scrum.org

Alongside my training, I've added the right amount of seasoning in the real world and now I'm ready to share that experience to help organisations and teams make the right choices

Its fair to say Im passionate about Scrum and want to see it done well i.e. "professionally". Seeing teams just 'do' Scrum is a waste because I know so much opportunity is being missed.

Want to read more my approach ? Check out my blog here https://in2asprint.com/

As well as being passionate about Scrum, I often write blogs to support topics Im passionate about.  I also create video content and love sharing the shortcuts I use all the time.

I've worked with MS office tools for years and use them day-in-day out to help me capture data, visualize information or just provide support to a message I want to share. 

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Job Description

Getting the most out of your Agile approach can be tricky.

If your business is new to Agile yet keen to gain the value it offers, you might find it hard to filter out the good from the bad when recruiting.

Even experienced Agile organisations can get it wrong. The Scrum Master is a pivotal role in how Scrum works and is adopted within your organisation.

"A scrum master is responsible for getting work done through others—they are not responsible for making sure what they think should be done is done," explains Ken Schwaber, a co-creator of the scrum methodology, head of Scrum.org, and founder of the Scrum Alliance.

"It's that subtle nuance—the ability to coach, not direct—to facilitate, not be hands on—to foster effective collaboration but not take ownership of the final outcome—that makes the role so unique and consequently so difficult to fill."

When you are recruiting a Scrum Master. You want to get it right. It will save you time, money and ensure your teams are happy and working well together. 

I'll help you focus in on what you want to achieve with Agile and specifically work out whether "Scrum" is right for your situation. If it is, I'll help you be clear in how you explain to candidates why you want to recruit a Scrum Master (they will ask!). This will help you attract the right people.

I'll then coach you in some really powerful questions to identify your strong candidates and the less so. The choice of recruitment will still be yours, you will just be better equipped to know why a candidate is the best one for your business.

With this MicroJob, you'll receive:

  • A 30 minute online consultation about the product you want to deliver (no trade secrets discussed obviously), your organisation, its perspective and experience with Agile. I'll talk about your knowledge of Scrum and why you have chosen it as your preferred method. Finally, we will talk about what your ideal candidate would be.
  • I'll then use this conversation document a series of bespoke interview questions (up to 15) for you along with areas I'd suggest you look for in the candidates answers. This will help you get the right person for your position and also check their responses are what you would might need for your situation. I'll also support you with a 30-minute preparatory chat (via web chat) about the "Cheat Sheet" and why I chose those questions for you.

If you want more support, I can offer additions such as

  • Up to 3 interviews (I join you via web chat) where I help you talk to a prospective candidate and provide active feedback on their responses.
  • Up to 3 post-interview feedback sessions to feedback useful perspectives on the candidates' responses. This will help you get an unbiased observation from an experienced Scrum Master.

I can also offer you more in-depth support on the problems or challenges you might have with Scrum in your organisation. Take a look at my other postings for ideas.

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