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I manage the Collab365 network of sites which includes:
  • Collab365 Community
  • Collab365 Directory
  • Collab365 Events
  • Collab365 MicroJobs (this site)

My freelancer jobs are mainly based around offering services to Microsoft Partners who are looking to gain more leads and awareness for their brands.

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Job Description

Getting people to know about your product or service is hard and here's why:

You find it hard to find a good audience to advertise to:
If like me, you've spent $1000's trying to target Facebook adverts to cold traffic, you will realise that it's really hard and expensive to get clicks from people who might be interested in your product.

Too much competition on Google:
There's just so much content out there nowadays. It's such a hard task to rank for a given keyword phrase. Even if you do, it's a lottery of how long you will stay on page 1.

Newsfeeds are dead for promotion:
Facebook have changed their newsfeed now, meaning it's virtually impossible to get your new blog post seen by anyone! How many articles do you see as you scroll down your newsfeed?

Your open rate isn't as good
People are now flooded by e-mails and with GDPR you now have to ask for permission to market to them. So not only is your list smaller, but you are also competing against 100s of other emails.

What can I offer?

  • For a very reasonable price of just $200 I will post your new blog post onto Collab365 Community.
  • I will include it on our Collab365 Weekly Newsletter (30,000 subscribers).

Extras available:

  • I will pin it to the top of the Collab365 Today site for 3 days. Which also means it will get sent out on the Collab365 Daily Digest (top) for 3 day (which has over 6000 subscribers).
  • I will post it onto our LinkedIn Group.
  • I will add it to our Collab365 Newsreel (which appears top of every single page request).
  • I will post it on all of Collab365 Facebook Groups
  • I will Tweet it under the Collab365 and Colla365 handles.

Few conditions:

  1. If it's a purely promotional piece then this won't work. When talking to readers who've never heard of you they want to receive a lot of value and get to feel comfortable with your brand before investigating your products. For this reason, I will only post articles that are 90% informative about a given problem and 10% promotional. This will get you more reads and will start to build your fan base up.
  2. You can have a maximum of 3 links back.
  3. We will need to create a great headline together, as this will improve the open rate. (No point writing an amazing post if no one clicks through).
  4. Your article must be at least 1000 words (shorter posts don't really work nowadays). See anything by Neil Patel.
  5. You will supply me with the post and it needs to be written well with great grammar.
  6. If we are overly allocated on one particular week then, I may need to push it to a different week.
  7. Your content needs to be unique (i.e not posted elsewhere).


Statistics (so far in 2018):

  • Collab365.Community has had 1.4 million page views.
  • Collab365.Community has had 661,000 users.
  • Collab365.Community has had 1.04 million sessions.
  • Daily Digest has over 6,000 subscribers.
  • Weekly Digest has over 30,000 subscribers.
  • Collab365 LinkedIn has 45,000 members.

Before purchasing contact me and we can discuss.

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April 1, 2020

Working with Mark is always a pleasure. Highly recommended.

September 9, 2019

Pleasure to work with.

November 8, 2018

A smooth and efficient process with highly satisfactory outcome,