I’ll build a lead generation BOT on Azure

Microsoft Azure / Azure Bot Services
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Job Description

I will build, connect, deploy, and manage intelligent bots using Azure platform and C# to interact naturally with your users on public websites.

I can also integrate into Twilio for SMS correspondences.

I can integrate Azure BOT services into any API you need the Azure BOT to connect to as long as the API is public facing and accessible.

I do know Python as well.

This BOT will have the ability to send emails to potential leads who answered a series of questions, both to the administrator and the recipient responding to the BOT\'s questions.

To get the most out of this job posting, please provide the following:

1) What is the objective of your BOT? Lead generator, procedural assistance, etc... Please briefly explain the desired outcome of your BOT.
2) Please provide written content where needed, such as the questions and responses for the path of the workflow.
Example: How many bathrooms do you want in your home? Options provided by BOT would be: 1; 2; 3; 4 ...

NOTE: YOU WILL PAY FOR AZURE HOSTING / DATABASE REQUIRED AND MUST HAVE A FUNCTIONING/EXISTING Microsoft Azure Account before applying for this job. For example, a very basic lead generation BOT which I build can fluctuate between $50-$70/per month for hosting service fees on Microsoft Azure\'s platform. This is the most basic setup using 2VCPU / 500MB storage space database.

What will be delivered and how.The Deliverable is a Chat Bot back end service and UI integrated with client\'s website for generating website visitors lead and mailing it to a given client\'s email id. An Azure Chat Bot service will be created using C# and MicrosoftBotService and will be deployed on the Client Azure Account. The HTML UI of the bot will be created and integrated with clients website.

The Bot will ask following questions to visitors of website: (Questions are lead generating / relative )
1. Bot will display a welcome message with an optional link.
2. Bot will greet the visitor
3. Bot will ask the name of visitor
4. Bot will ask the email of the website visitor and validate it. (if not correct, it will ask again)
5. Bot will ask the phone number of visitor and validate it. (if not correct , it will ask again)
5. Bot will ask preferred time to call.
6. Bot will mail this lead information (Name , email , phone and preferred time to call) to a central lead collection email distro provided by the client.

The Job does not cover the below items:
1. Cost of building, testing and hosting the Bot on Azure.
2. Cost of customizing the UI (a default UI is provided by Azure).

The delivery time line is 25 working days from from the day client\'s Azure Credential is available to me.

Note: If there is a need for automation or artificial intelligence, I\'m certified from Stanford University\'s AI course, Dec 2018, but we would need to discuss those parameters as that time comes because every instance of AI provides different problem/solution results and time to build can vary for AI BOTs.

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