How Microsoft is helping Nonprofit Organizations

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If your nonprofit isn’t utilizing Microsoft’s product offerings, you’re missing out!

Consumers have become interested in knowing the good causes their brands of choice support.

No stranger to this trend, Microsoft has taken it upon itself to focus attention on helping nonprofits. Microsoft is using its core competency to benefit nonprofits. The company highlights several product offerings set for all eligible nonprofits. The suite of applications below are some of the top picks:


The website notes that Azure can lead to hyper-innovation. Azure is also meant to help optimize operations. Additionally, it provides focused app development and industry-leading security. To start, each nonprofit receives $5,000 (USD) of donated credits per year to use on any Azure cloud solutions and/or services. Microsoft offers a 15% discount on Azure services purchasing through a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.

Dynamics 365

Nonprofits can use Dynamics 365 to connect with donors and volunteers. It can also be used to empower employees, optimize operations, and drive impact. To assist, Microsoft offers the Customer Engagement Plan to nonprofits at $28.75 per user/month! The normal rate is $115 per user/month. In addition, nonprofits can add Dynamics 365 Team Members for $2.50 per user/month.

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Office 365

Nonprofits can receive Office 365 Enterprise E3 for $4.50 user/month. Other options are available, but this featured plan includes installed Office across five devices, advanced data protection, etc. In comparison, the product off the shelf is at $12.50 per user/month.

Power BI

A possibly overlooked tool is a visual insight into a nonprofits operation. Nonprofits can use Power BI to transform data into visuals of their processes. These displays can be used to help make more informed decisions. Microsoft offers nonprofits the desktop version of the application for free! The Power BI Pro version is offered at $3.00 per user/month versus $9.99 to the non-nonprofit user.


What about tangible products? The good news is that Microsoft offers a 10% discount to nonprofits on select Surface devices. This percentage increases to a 40% on select refurbished products.

A nonprofit that needs it all!

If a nonprofit is looking for an all-encompassing package, Microsoft offers its Microsoft 365 (Complete with Office 365 Business Premium, Intune, Windows 10, device and security features, and more) at $5.00 per user/month. The original cost is much higher at $20 per user/month.

Confused about any of the offerings? Want to make sure you pick the right options for your nonprofit? Microsoft will not leave you high and dry to pick for yourself. Many of the product offerings come with support. One option is a Microsoft ‘FastTrack’ which provides you with a set of best practices, tools, and resources, plus experts committed to making your experience with the Microsoft Cloud a success. Another option is to work with a partner to help choose the right solutions.

Many of the product offerings also come with starter kits, including training videos, to help you get started with a new product.


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