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Collab365 MicroJobs Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – General

What is a MicroJob?

A MicroJob is a discrete package of work that can be offered by Freelancers on Collab365 MicroJobs site. Usually delivered within a few hours up to a few days and at a cost of between $75 and $5000. 

How can I get help or support?

For any questions or guidance on using the site please email [email protected]

How does the site deal with Sales Tax / VAT?

At launch all prices on the site will be inclusive of VAT. Invoices between the Buyer and Freelancer will be responsibility of the Freelancer. Invoices for the Freelancer Fees paid to MicroJobs will be provided on request. – NB: This is an area of development already on the list for our phase 2 development and release, providing this functionality within the UI.

What happens if a MicroJobs status is Disputed?

Every attempt should be made to resolve your Dispute using the system chat to come to an agreed position, to continue or to an agreed cancellation. Cancellation can be triggered in the Jobs screen on the site and when agreed by both parties a refund will be given to the buyer. Where an agreement cannot be made and a dispute needs to be raised this is triggered by the Buyer using the ‘Raise Dispute’ button on the MicroJob page and the Dispute will be assessed and a decision made.

What are MicroJobs Requests?

Requests provide a way for customers to Request something that is not yet listed as a MicroJob on the site. These requests can then be seen by Freelancers, who can respond with details and price for the buyer to agree to and take it forward.

What Currencies does the site operate in?

At launch the site pricing and transaction charges will operate in USD. This is also on the phase 2 list to open up to other currencies, GBP and EUR being the first ones to be considered.

How are payments processed?

Payments are processed via a secure 3rd party payments provider. Further details will be provided once the integration is fully completed.


Who will buy my MicroJobs?

Depending on your skills this could be anyone from big corporate companies to the small consultancy or IT professional. The key is making your Job titles and description relevant to them.

How much money can I make on Collab365 MicroJobs?

As much as you want!!..and please do. Seriously though it is all about the time you are willing to put in, plus the service you provide to your customers to get good ratings.

How do I get paid for my MicroJobs?

When an order is taken for one of your MicroJobs, the site takes payment from the Customer and it is held securely until you complete the work. Once both parties agree that the work is complete then your Fee minus our little bit is transferred to your chosen payout method.

What are Freelancers Levels?

Levels are based on the number of jobs you sell and the amount of positive feedback you receive from your buyers. As your level increases you will benefit from preferential rates as well as receiving level indicators on your profile for prospective buyers to see. Check out more details – HERE.

What if I remove a MicroJob as it is no longer relevant?

You can do this at any time by going to your ‘My Jobs’ screen and choosing the ‘Deactivate’ option. Any Orders already running against this MicroJob will still need to be completed.

Can I amend a MicroJob after it has been purchased by a buyer?

Yes, from within your ‘My Jobs’ screen You can edit, deactivate or delete existing jobs. You can edit any aspect of the job however any orders underway will need to be delivered based on the MicroJob description at point of purchase

What are the best size MicroJobs?

It’s good to have different sizes of the same or similar jobs so you can cater for all needs e.g. offer consultancy on an hourly, half daily and daily rate so customers can chose the right amount for them. A MicroJob is usually delivered within a few hours up to a few days and at a cost of between $75 and $5000.

Any tips on how best to list my MicroJobs?

Make your job relevant to the people you think will buy it. Make it clear and concise to what is included and expected of the customer. Add any obvious optional extras you can think of. Take a look at our Freelancer Tips page HERE

How much does it cost to list my Jobs?

It is free to join and to list your job.  Collab365 MicroJobs will take a percentage of your earnings based on your Level and volume per month. See Terms and Conditions for full details, also the Freelancer levels page here HERE

What if I need to take a break or go on Holiday?

Simply turn Vacation mode on from within your ‘My Jobs’ screen. You can give a reason and a date that you will be available again.

Can I amend a MicroJob after it has been posted?

Yes, from within your ‘My Jobs’ screen You can edit, deactivate or delete existing jobs. You can edit any aspect of the job however any orders underway will need to be delivered based on the MicroJob description at point of purchase.


What If I cannot find the MicroJob I want?

Then you can make use of the Requests functionality to specify what you need and ask for Freelancers to offer their services. See the “What are MicroJobs Requests?” FAQ above.

What if I need something slightly different to what is listed on the MicroJob?

Then under the ‘BUY’ button on every MicroJob is a ‘REQUEST CUSTOM OFFER’ button. This allows you to ask for something bespoke from this Freelancer, once you come to an agreement on what that is the Freelancer can send an offer and the Customer Offer can then be purchased in the same way as a normal MicroJob.

How do I buy a MicroJob?

At the top right of every MicroJob screen is a ‘BUY FOR…’ button with a drop down menu for you to select your options and extras associated with the MicroJob to give you the price. On clicking this you will be taken to a payment screen in order to make the payment for the work. 

Which countries are supported?

To manage our payments process we’ve partnered with Stripe Connect, so we support the same countries as they do. The list of countries can be found on their pricing page.

How do I contact the Freelancer?

The Freelancer can be contact in a number of ways. If you have already placed an order with the freelancer then you can go to that order via the ‘My Orders’ screen, select the order, and send a message at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to contact the Freelancer outside of an Order, then using the search window at the top of most pages, type the Freelancers name and from the drop down results select the user. This will take you to the Freelancers profile where you can click the ‘Contact Me’ option. The final way is to use the ‘Contact’ button on the right hand side of any MicroJob the listed by the Freelancer.

Why do I have to pay up front?

As this is an online service the payment up front is the best way to provide confidence to the Buyer that the service will be delivered before any money is handed over to the Freelancer.

What if I want to buy multiples of the same MicroJob?

Some MicroJobs are set up so that you can buy multiples or additional extras associated with the MicroJob, this is controlled by the Freelancer.

Also, you can purchase the same job more than once with separate transactions.