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Version 2.0. Last changed 2nd October 2018

This page sets out the Collab365 MicroJobs Dispute Resolution process. The process can be used by users of Collab365 MicroJobs (Buyers or Freelancers) to resolve disagreement within a MicroJob Order.


– Disputes can be raised on open orders only and can be raised by the Buyer or the Freelancer

– Disputes will be assessed and verdict documented within the Order window by the MicroJobs Dispute Team. By raising a dispute you are agreeing that the verdict of the MicroJobs Dispute Team is final.

– MicroJobs Disputes Team may carry out Partial refunds or Cancellations as a resulting action of the Dispute.

– Failure to respond within the timelines of any phase of the process, will result in the verdict being in favor of the other party and actions taken accordingly.

– Any further dispute action after the MicroJobs Dispute Teams verdict will have to be taken outside of Collab365 MicroJobs and with an independent arbitrator.

– A Freelancer or Buyer involved in more than 3 disputes within any 3 month period will have their account frozen and reviewed by the Disputes Team, and will be at risk of permanently being blocked from Collab365 MicroJobs site.

The Dispute Resolution Process

Phase 1 – Prevention

Firstly it is worth noting that the best course of action to resolve a dispute is to prevent it occurring in the first place and once a disagreement is reached then work closely together to resolve it. Therefore discussion and cooperation between Buyer and Freelancer to try to get to a workable outcome is the first action to be carried out by both parties.

If it is deemed that this first phase has not been carried out disputes may be closed and not accepted.

Phase 2 – Raising a Dispute

The Freelancer or Buyer can raise a Dispute against a job order using the ‘Raise Dispute’ link on the order screen.

The complainant is asked for further details of the Dispute and for their preferred outcome. All information added to the Dispute form and any subsequent conversations will be added to the Order screen and therefore shared with all parties involved.

Once a dispute is submitted the following will occur:

– The dispute is raised

– Both the Freelancer and Buyer will be notified of the dispute and given details of the next steps.

– The Job Order under dispute is put on hold until a verdict is reached

– The Negotiation phase starts

Phase 3 – Negotiation

During the first 7 days of the Negotiation phase the MicroJobs Dispute Team will carry out their initial review to assess if it is a valid dispute. This initial review is expected to take 48 hours however can take up to 7 days from date of raising the dispute. If for any reason the Dispute is deemed as invalid during this time the Dispute will be closed and the complainant will receive a full explanation as to the reason why.

In this phase each party has the opportunity to provide any further relevant evidence or details about the Job Order and the disputed position using the Order screen messaging.

Either party and the MicroJobs Dispute Team can make resolution suggestions at any time during this negotiation in order to help get to a mutually agreed verdict as soon as possible.

After 14 days or once a suggested way forward is agreed upon in the negotiation (whichever comes first) the dispute will move to Phase 4 – Decision and Action

Phase 4 – Decision and Action

MicroJobs Dispute Team will carry out a full review of the case and document the verdict and actions in the Order screen messaging. This will normally be within 48 hours however for more complex cases can be up to 7 days.

Possible outcomes at this stage are – Full Cancellation, Partial Refund, OR Continue as Normal. There are also further options of agreed extra timescales and/or agreed extra deliverables. All outcomes will be detailed within the verdict message.

If the verdict was reached via mutual agreement in the negotiation phase, the actions will be carried out immediately. If no mutual agreement was reached the verdict actions will not be carried out until 48 hours after the Verdict is published has passed.

Independent Arbitration

Where there is further dispute on the verdict that is reached by the Collab365 MicroJobs Dispute team, the only possible next step is for the Dispute to move to Independent Arbitrators, our recommendation is Netneutrals. Moving to Independent Arbitrators will result in further costs, for guidance on how to take a case forward in this way please contact c365Jobs@Collaboris.com

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