Tips for Collab365 Freelancers

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Raising and selling jobs - How to make sure your advert stands out

1. Be specific

When creating a description for your MicroJob make sure you explain exactly what you will do for the customer and what they can expect. If you leave your MicroJob open-ended then this could lead to a dispute at the end where the customer expects one thing and you've delivered another.

2. Sell the benefits

When writing the description of your MicroJob it's a great idea if you think about the before and after state of the customer. Why not bullet point some benefits under a heading of "On successful completion of this MicroJob you will experience the following benefits".

3. Images on your MicroJob

It is always good to have a relevant and eye-catching image to help sell your job. However please ensure that the image is not a copyright image, by not copying from resources like Google Images. One way to create your own images is by using a product like Canva.

4. Extras

Collab365 MicroJobs allows you to add Extras to your jobs. These can really help the customer and help you get more. When adding Extras, think of the possible outcomes of the main job, and how you might be able to help resolve or improve on those outcomes.

5. Think about Google

Try to put your potential customers hat on and use terminology and keywords that they will search for on Google or on the site. If you don't it's possible that your MicroJob won't be found.

6. Blog within the community

We're working on a way to hook up your Freelancers profile to your author account on the Collab365 Community by providing links to your MicroJobs on your blog posts and vice versa. If you have a good set of blog posts on an area you excel in then this adds massive credibility to you.

Post a MicroJob and start sharing what you can do with the world.

Adhoc Requests - A great way to boost your workload

1. COMING SOON!...Sign up for Request Notifications

Customers can also post requests for MicroJobs they need doing. You can see all of the requests relevant to you by logging in and setting up your request notifications. Sign-up to receive notifications by ticking the categories of interest to you and your skills. Once your category preferences are set you will be emailed as soon as a related request comes in.

2. Respond to a Request

As well as being emailed about requests, a full list of requests can be seen - HERE. Once you find a request that you would like to put an offer in for you can click 'Send Custom Offer' and add details of how you can fulfil that request, with price and timescales. Remember to be specific.

COMING SOON! ..You will soon be able to sign up for Collab365 MicroJob Request notifications...In the meantime you can view all Reqiests posted on MicroJobs here:

Delivering your MicroJobs - It's not just about winning the work

1. Communicate throughout

We all like to know where we are with a task. Communicate using the in-built messaging often. You can ask for more clarity on what you're doing, or simply share updates to explain what the progress is.

2. Use Vacation Mode

If you are going to be away for any reason, on vacation, at a conference or just very busy, then login in and set your profile to "On Vacation" on the 'My Jobs' page. This means your MicroJob will still show but a customer can't purchase it.

Make your profile stand-out so that you wow your customers.

Collab365 MicroJobs Support - We are always here to help

Utilizing our team support options

We're here to help you get the most out of Collab365 MicroJobs so if you need our support please raise a ticket here. You can also use the FB group to discuss it.