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Our expert calls start at $50 (30 minutes) and can be used for a variety of reasons:

Bug Fixing

Steps To Book your call:


Find the Skill and person you need







Your Expert Call is only 4 simple steps away! 

Once you've found your expert, schedule a time and let them help on a call! 

See how to buy a consultation call:

Step By Step
  1. 1
    Find the Skill you need.
  2. 2
    Confirm what you need and buy with Credit Card.
  3. 3
    Schedule and carryout your call with your chosen expert.
  4. 4
    Approve (on completion) for money to then be released. 

See how to buy a consultation call:

You have complete hiring flexibility and control, which saves you money and time versus permanent employees or recruiting agencies and removes risky liabilities from your company. It also allows you to only pay for work that is done instead of just paying for people to show up. Assuring you the best results from an expert who is happy to go the extra mile to get the best results for your project!

Some Of The Most In-Demand Expert Freelancers Who Would Love To Help With Your Project!

Just choose one of the featured expert freelancers below and book a call at the push of a button. Or choose from any one of all of the MicroJobs consultation jobs in ANY area you need help!
[30 min call] – Microsoft Office 365 [30 min call] – Microsoft Office 365
[30 min call] – Microsoft Office 365
5.0 (1)
fixed Rate 50.00 USD
[30 min call] – Microsoft Power Automate [30 min call] – Microsoft Power Automate
[30 min call] – Microsoft Power Automate
5.0 (11)
fixed Rate 50.00 USD
[30 min call] – Managing Microsoft Teams [30 min call] – Managing Microsoft Teams
[30 min call] – Managing Microsoft Teams
4.8 (4)
fixed Rate 50.00 USD
[30 min call] – Create a Model-driven Power App [30 min call] – Create a Model-driven Power App
[30 min call] – Create a Model-driven Power App
0.0 (0)
fixed Rate 55.00 USD
[60 min call] – Microsoft Azure [60 min call] – Microsoft Azure
[60 min call] – Microsoft Azure
fixed Rate 100.00 USD
[30 min call] – Scrum Framework [30 min call] – Scrum Framework
[30 min call] – Scrum Framework
0.0 (0)
fixed Rate 50.00 USD
[30 min call] – SharePoint Migration to Office 365 using Sharegate [30 min call] – SharePoint Migration to Office 365 using Sharegate
[30 min call] – SharePoint Migration to Office 365 using...
0.0 (0)
fixed Rate 50.00 USD
[30 min call] – MS Teams (Business, Adoption and Governance Topics) [30 min call] – MS Teams (Business, Adoption and Governance Topics)
[30 min call] – MS Teams (Business, Adoption and Governance...
0.0 (0)
fixed Rate 50.00 USD

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority. We Have The Most In-Demand Freelancers,
Providing The Best Results For Your Project!

Here’s What Other Customers Have Said About Our Expert Freelancers:


Another solution that seemed impossible to most. Wow Wow Wow. Mark saved me hours in a month. Incredible knowledge and foresight. Thank you

MicroJobs Buyer

Helped with Power Automate


Awesome working with Matt as always! He's one of the resources on MicroJobs I keep coming back to when I need some help on a project!

MicroJobs Buyer

Logic Apps Documentation


Ben is fantastic to wor​​​​k with, he delivered exactly what I wanted quickly. I'd recommend working with him, I certainly will be again in the future.

MicroJobs Buyer

Workflow Migations


NickB did a great job, quick, thorough, and offered good suggestions and explanations. I would use him again in the future.

MicroJobs Buyer

SharePoint site creation

Arranging Help With a Microsoft Expert Is Simple & Fast!

1. Find The Skill You Need

Choose from one of the hundreds of Microsoft freelancers in any skillset that you need help.

2. Confirm and Buy

Use the submit button and enter your credit card into our secured order form (powered by Stripe) and download the call form on the order screen and fill it out to give your expert specific information on your unique problem.

3. Schedule ​Your Call

Once you’ve completed the call form then you’ll schedule a call with your Expert.

4. Approve on Completion

Once you’re satisfied with the expert’s service, simply mark the transaction complete, we hold payments to freelancers until YOU are satisfied with the results. Be sure to leave some feedback on your expert freelancer and help our community.

Our platform was built to help you find the right person when you need them the most. 

So you can efficiently get a solution.

Quality  Freelancers

MicroJobs screens freelancers to make sure only the best and most experienced freelancers are allowed to join.

Payment Security

Your payment is held till you’re happy with the work delivered to you. The Freelancers don’t see a penny till you’re satisfied with the deliverable.

We only speak "Microsoft"

This is the first Microsoft only freelance platform, it’s IT communication heaven.

Certified User Reviews

See what other users have to say about their experience with each freelancer before choosing who you want to work with.

Constant Communication

We provide a fully working messaging system so you are instantly notified of messages and can keep open communication with your expert freelancer.

Find The Perfect Solution

Our search filters allow you to find the skills and freelancer you need fast.

What is MicroJobs?

MicroJobs is a freelance platform that offers up to date experts for any of your Microsoft needs!

Unlike many other freelance platforms where results can be hit and miss, we only let verified experts join our team of freelancers. From MS Office to Consulting requirements, we’ve got a freelancer experienced, verified, and ready to help!

  • Stay Up To Date. Since MS has become cloud-based they release new features daily it’s costly and almost impossible to keep your team up to the minute without losing productivity. Our freelancers are required to be up to date before they can help you.
  • Hiring Permanent Employees Takes Too Long. On average the hiring process can take anywhere from 42 to 52 days between interviewing and checking references before you never fill the position. Costing businesses up to $4,000 per employee just to complete the hiring process.
  • Freelancers are Economical. Remote workers eliminate many expenses associated with in house employees such as; workspace, some taxes, and tools potentially reducing your payroll cost as much as 20 - 30%. As well as reducing your liability to your employees. 

​What can MicroJobs Do For You?

Hire a Consultant

Search for a consultant verified and experienced in the area you need help with the most. Purchase the MicroJob and book a call at your convenience, assured that you’ll get the best service available!

Have Freelancers Bid To Work For You

Post a project request in your member area and let the freelancers come to you offering their solutions to pick the best one for your needs.

Find The Job You Need

Search MicroJobs for freelancers experienced in any software you need help with the most and get experienced, knowledgeable experts when you need them the most.

Payments Through Stripe to Simply and Securely Protect You and Your Freelancer.

Safe and Simple While Ensuring you The Best Work Before Your Payment Is Fully Processed

This Is How It Works..
  1. 1
    Purchase the service you need while Stripe holds onto your money until you’ve approved the completed project.
  2. 2
    Stripe then tells MicroJobs your job order was created.
  3. 3
    The freelancer is notified of the order and is given the details.
  4. 4
    The freelancer begins work and opens communication on the project.
  5. 5
    You approve the completed project and confirm its satisfactory.
  6. 6
    Funds are now sent to the freelancer.

Remember: Freelancers are only paid once you are satisfied with the work.

If you need a revision your funds stay safely reserved by Stripe until you’ve approved the deliverables!

Remove Stress and Risk By Letting Us Process Your Payment.

Let us remove the risk of losing your payment often associated with directly hiring a freelancer so you can both focus on your project knowing that no matter what comes up you’re both secured!

No Fees For Buyers

You pay only the amount you and the freelancer agree upon.

Support Across most of the World

No matter where you are we have your solution

Verified Expert Freelancers

Only experienced freelancers are approved to work on Microjobs. We check each one individually before they can post any jobs.

Escrow Payment Process

Directly hiring a freelancer means time wasted on negotiating when and how to pay. Get to work faster by letting us handle that part for you.

Dispute Resolution

As unlikely as it is, should a job dispute arise we give you the ability to cancel or get a refund on any payment if you aren’t fully satisfied with the work provided.

Stripe Payment Process

All payments are processed and backed by Stripe, a financial institution trusted by billions of people every day!

MicroJobs Isn’t A Recruiting Agency

We’re Much Better!

We combine all of the pros of “permies” and contractors but remove all of the cons. To help you build reliable teams experienced in the skills you need the most or consultation when you just need help.

How MicroJobs Beats Recruitment Agencies?


  • Unlimited solutions through our global resource pool of verified Freelancers, already experienced in the skills you need now!
  • Cut costs and liability using fully remote workers who never have to enter your office eliminating liabilities to your company.
  • Hire only as needed, eliminate unnecessary costs. You only pay per project!
  • References at your fingertips. See what other paying customers have to say about freelancers on the same page you hire them from.
  • Pay only for the work that is done. You pay only for productive hours. No paid breaks, vacation pay, or extra taxes.
  • Get experienced workers. You can hire based on skills, training, and experience gained BEFORE they’re hired.


Recruitment Agency

  • Agencies have a limited pool of local area workers who may or may not be skilled in the areas you need.
  • Additional costs of workspace, tools, and software. Plus creating liabilities that your insurance may not cover.
  • Hire for longer-term and add cost by paying for workers even when they’re not needed.
  • References are provided based only on what applicants WANT you to see, meaning only their best references
  • You pay regardless of productivity by schedule or salary, throwing away money for hours wasted rather than worked.
  • Who knows what you’ll get and how much you’ll have to pay to get them up to date and keep them there.
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So as you can see MicroJobs is bringing the modern gig economy into the Microsoft world giving businesses complete hiring control. By providing a limitless and experienced workforce in a way that allows you to cut costs while getting better results for your projects. Not only do you avoid the grief, stress, and costs associated with hiring people who may not even have the certifications you need. But also relieve yourself of liabilities that have the potential to ruin businesses of any size.

From a 15-minute consultation call to 1 on 1 training sessions for your team we’ve got the solution you need when you need it without losing productivity!

Here at MicroJobs, we’re proud to offer up to the date experts for any of your Microsoft needs! Unlike many other freelance platforms where it can be hit and miss whether you get good results, we only let verified experts join as freelancers. From Office to consulting requirements, we’ve got a freelancer, verified, and ready to help!


You are fully protected by our money back -Guarantee.

Since this service is just launching these gig rates are at the lowest, they will ever be, as you know time is money, and once a freelancer is booked up their rate increases. This is why we’re offering you a chance to book your call today and lock yourself in at the lowest possible rate for the highest quality help!

If you aren’t happy with the service provided or it fails to solve your problem you pay NOTHING! Get a full refund with no fees or further wait time GUARANTEED!

What do you REALLY get by using MicroJobs

Total Staffing Flexibility hire only the skills you need for as long as you need them

People who aren’t only experienced, But want to work for you
Save money by eliminating extra payroll costs

Medicare/Social Security Taxes
Unemployment Taxes

People with up to date skills in anything your clients need

Keep your team up to date
Get an experienced expert

Shorten your hiring procedures see real client feedback right on their profile
Never worry about sick pay, maternity leave, or vacation days to pay for
Incentivized people who only get paid if they do the job right
Hire or Terminate  as you need to without harsh recourse

Questions we always get asked

What is a MicroJob?

A Microjob is a single project-based job to help you identify WHO to hire based on the solution you need. Each is tailored to a freelancers specific skill set and experience to help you hire the right person the first time.

What is a Project Request?

Project Requests allow you to Request a custom solution based entirely on your needs. Freelancers then
send bids with price and details on how they can help you, so you can choose the perfect option for
your needs and budget.

What if I want to work with a Specific Freelancer?

Simply message the freelancer of your choice and ask for a custom offer and accept it. Booking through us allows you the same confidence and payment protection as any other MicroJob listing.

How can I buy a MicroJob?

Use the “Buy Now For…” button seen at the top of every MicroJob page select the options and extras you want and you’ll be taken to our payment page where you can conveniently purchase your MicroJob.

What if I am unhappy with the Freelancer?

In the rare event this happens, simply go to your job conversation screen and click “raise dispute”. Microjobs will help resolve your situation with either a possible refund or an option that still gets your job completed.

What kind of things can I request?

If it’s Microsoft related we’ve got you covered! Microjobs reviews all request submissions and, if needed, makes suggestions to increase their success!

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